About Us
At Blake Elementary, we actively challenge, engage and support EVERY STUDENT in meaningful learning EVERY DAY, in order to reach each one’s full potential. We believe that students' sense of belonging comes first, and our staff strives to deliver a caring, supportive, and inclusive school community. We focus on instruction that is based on Kentucky's common core standards, and our teachers personalize learning content to meet the needs of students' diverse learning styles. We meet students where they are, whether they need small group academic intervention, or they are ready to move beyond grade-level standards. We offer primary talent pool in grades K-3, and advance program in grades 4 and 5. Blake also offers an ESL program to support our English language learners, exceptional childhood education services, and a preschool program. 

Every student in grades K-5 benefits from technology integration and deeper learning opportunities on Google Classroom using Chromebooks and interactive flat panels in every classroom. Students learn many aspects of digital innovation weekly in our Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Lab, using the engineering design process, along with learning the fundamentals of robotics, coding, video game design, digital art and graphic design, virtual reality, and digital music creation. Students also enhance their collaboration and communication skills by creating video messages using green screen technology.

Blake is very fortunate to be one of 20 JCPS schools participating in  The Compassionate Schools Project. Focusing on educating the whole child, the curriculum integrates mindfulness for stress management and self-control; contemplative movements, postures, and breathing for physical awareness and agility; nutritional knowledge for healthy eating; and social and emotional skills for effective interpersonal relationships. Students learn to cultivate focus, resilience, empathy, connection, and well-being as the basis for academic and personal success. In addition, all Blake students enjoy art, music, library, and physical education weekly.

Extra curricular programs include:
  • Basketball
  • Cheerleading
  • Disney Musicals In Schools Program
  • Drama Club
  • LG&E and KU Engineering Club
  • Soccer
  • STEAM Girls Club
  • Student Technology Leadership Program
  • Student Advisory Board
  • Student Council 
  • Safety Patrol
If you have any questions about our school, or would like to schedule a tour, please call 485-8210. We would love to show you all that our school has to offer. 


Susan Glenn, Principal